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For all your tyre requirements, come to Pace Auto Services. Our professional team of technicians are ready to assist you with exceptional service and the best value for money. We stock leading tyre brands, and all our work comes with a workmanship guarantee of 6 months or 12,000KM.

Tyre Replacement

Whether your choice of vehicle is a car, bakkie, minibus, or SUV, our competitive prices and quality range of tyre brands means that finding the right tyres for your vehicle is a simple and affordable process.

Tyre Air Pressure Checks

Using our equipment, the Pace Auto Services team will ensure that all four of the tyres on your car, SUV, bakkie, or minibus are at the correct pressure. Our professional team will ensure that your car’s tyres are neither overinflated nor underinflated to ensure optimum handling.

Tyre Balancing

When balancing your car’s tyres, we will place each wheel on our balancing machine. If there is an imbalance, we will balance wheels and tyres accordingly.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Repair and Service

Depending on the issue with your tyre pressure monitoring system, the solution could range from simply resetting the system to a more complex operation such as a sensor replacement. Our advanced diagnostics machines will detect any irregularities with your TPMS, and our professional technicians will use top-quality products when replacing or repairing any parts.

Tyre Rotation

If you are concerned that your tyres might be wearing out at an uneven rate, Pace Auto Services offers affordable tyre rotation to ensure that your current set of tyres last longer. Our team will swap your front and back tyres, followed by the tyres on the left and the right, where possible. The pattern that is used in the rotation might differ depending on whether your car is front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive.

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We stock leading tyre brands and our work comes with a workmanship guarantee of 6 months or 12,000KM, whichever is first. Be assured in knowing that your car is in good hands at Pace Auto Services. You can either reserve a timeslot directly online or contact us via telephone or email.



Tyre Care Tips

Most people only check their car’s tyres before taking long trips, but it is equally important to regularly check your tyre pressure and wear during your day-to-day driving. Tyres are one of the most important safety features of a vehicle but will become a massive expense if they are not cared for properly. These tips will help increase the longevity of your vehicle’s tyres and save you money.

Air Pressure

Before taking that much-anticipated road trip, you should check the air pressure of your tyres, including the spare tyre. Did you know that the best time to check your tyres’ air pressure is when your tyres are cool? That is, at least two hours after your vehicle has stopped, or before it has been driven for about 1KM, depending on weather conditions.

Wheel Alignment

If your car is pulling to the left or the right, or if your tyres are worn on only one edge, you should have your car’s wheel alignment checked. Poor wheel alignment is a serious safety hazard. Keeping your wheels correctly aligned prevents tyre wear, leads to better fuel consumption by reducing friction, and improves your vehicle’s handling.


If your car is shaking, balancing is a must. An unbalanced wheel does not just cause irritation but can also cause mechanical damage to your vehicle. New tyres should be balanced after fitment, and should be balanced between 12,000KM and 15,000KM depending on driving conditions.

Spare Tyres, Space Saver Tyres, and Run Flat Tyres

There are a few types of spare tyre, including the space saver tyres that are affectionately known as “Marie Biscuit” wheels. Even if you are not using your spare wheel, it is important to check that it is still there, and in good condition and properly inflated. If you are fitting new tyres or having your air pressure checked, use the opportunity to check the pressure and tread of your spare tyre. A spare tyre that is not properly inflated often leaves people stranded on long road trips.

One of the main advantages of space savers is that they are lighter and easier to handle. However, you need to stick to the limit of 50KM/H when driving with a space saver as opposed to a regular spare tyre. It is extremely dangerous to exceed the speed limit with a space saver tyre, especially if the tyre has been under-inflated.

Run flat tyres are more suited to driving in Europe, where the distances between dealers are not that far, but offer you the advantage of being able to drive safely even though the tyre has been compromised. Aside from the generally high cost of run flat tyres, the other drawback is that the tyre must be destroyed after it has run flat. However, a run flat tyre can get you out of a potentially life-threatening situation because you do not have to get out of your vehicle and change the tyre.

Tread Wear

Do not begin a long journey if your tyre’s tread is close to 1mm. It is important to note that it is a legal requirement for passenger vehicles to have a tread of at least 1mm. If your tread is less than this, your vehicle is unroadworthy, meaning that you cannot drive it on public roads, and you will be liable for severe fines. 


Under-inflated tyres will negatively affect your car’s handling, wear out your tyres quicker, and will increase your car’s fuel consumption. Over-inflated tyres will cause premature tyre wear – especially in the middle – and will result in a very harsh ride. It is recommended that you stick to your manufacturer’s recommended air pressure. If you have changed your tyre size, you should inflate it at the pressure recommended by your wheel and tyre experts.

Also, consider filling your tyres with nitrogen rather than air as this will result in cooler-running tyres, which means you will extend your tyre life.

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For assistance with all issues relating to your car’s tyres, do not hesitate to bring your car into Pace Auto Services where our team of professional technicians will assess your tyres and provide you with honest feedback and a highly competitive quote. We are based in Marlboro, Sandton.

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