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Safety Check

Whether you are planning a holiday, going on a long road trip, or are doing your day-to-day driving, bring your car into Pace Auto Services for a free safety check at our workshop in Marlboro, Sandton. Our work comes with a 6-month or 12,000KM guarantee. Below is a list of what we check when we do a safety check on your car, bakkie, SUV, minibus, or luxury vehicle.


We will inspect your car’s bodywork for any damage.


Our team will check your car’s hooter to ensure it is working.

Spare Wheel

If your car has a spare wheel or an emergency space-saver tyre, we will check the tread and the pressure, and check for locknuts, wheel spanners, and jacks.

Tyre Tread

Our highly qualified team of technicians will check your tyres’ tread wear to ensure that there is enough tread depth for safety and performance.

Tyre Pressure

We will check your vehicle’s tyre pressure. Depending on personal preference and what your vehicle’s manufacturer suggests, we can adjust the pressure.

Wheel Alignment

We will check your wheel alignment to identify whether your car might be pulling to one side or causing uneven tyre wear.

Headlights, Taillights, and Brake Lights

Our technicians will check all your vehicle’s lights to identify if there are not any lights or globes that need to be repaired or replaced.

Indicators and Hazard Lights

We will inspect your car’s indicators and hazard lights to ensure that they are functioning correctly.


Our technicians will inspect your windscreen for any damage.

Windscreen Wipers

We will conduct a test of your vehicle’s windscreen wipers to make sure they are functioning correctly and are not worn or perished.

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Drive into Pace Auto Services today for your free safety check. If we do identify any issues with your vehicle, we will provide you with honest feedback and a highly competitive quote. If you would like to schedule a service, you can book a time slot online using our online booking platform. You can also contact us using the below phone number or email address for expert advice on your vehicle or to get a quote.

Safety Tips

When driving, there is nothing more important than your passengers', and fellow road users’ safety. Whether you are planning on taking a well-earned vacation or are going about your daily business, you need to ensure that your vehicle is in a safe and roadworthy condition. Here are some vehicle safety tips that might just save your life.

Wear Your Seatbelt

Your seatbelt is one of the most important safety devices in your vehicle. Before you set off, ensure that all your passengers are wearing their seatbelts properly. Check your seatbelts on a regular basis to ensure that they are working properly when needed. To see if they are working as they should, give them a firm tug to see if they are stopping. If not, get them repaired as soon as possible.

Avoid Driving in Bad Weather

Rather than risk driving in conditions where there is poor visibility such as heavy rain, fog, or hail, stop your vehicle at a safe location and wait for conditions to improve before continuing your trip. It is important to allow for extra travel time on account of the weather. Never try to make up time on the road.

Observe the Speed Limit

Always stick to the speed limit when you drive. The faster you are driving, the more severe the impact upon crashing or hitting something or someone will be. Speed also places unnecessary strain on your tyres and brakes, as well as giving you less time to react if you need to take evasive action.

Obey the Rules of the Road

Many avoidable accidents happen when drivers do not follow the rules of the road. Pay close attention to the road signs around you, especially in unfamiliar locations. When traffic lights are out, be sure to pay attention to the instructions of the traffic officers or pointsmen on duty. If there are none, proceed with extreme caution.

Stay Off Your Phone

It is a proven fact that no person can fully focus on driving while they are using their phones. Your phone is a distraction. Do not text and drive! Rather wait until you have arrived before you text or call someone. Alternatively, find a safe spot such as a filling station or roadside stop to park before texting or calling.

Never Drink and Drive

Alcohol significantly impacts your ability to make decisions while driving. If you have been drinking, wait until you have sobered up before driving. You can also appoint a designated driver to be responsible enough not to drink when you are out with your friends. If you are alone and have had too much to drink, do not be too proud to make use of an e-hailing service such as Uber.

Keep Your Vehicle Roadworthy

All vehicles driving on South Africa’s roads must be mechanically and legally roadworthy. Make sure that your vehicle’s license is current and that your vehicle exceeds the minimum mechanical roadworthiness requirements. If you have doubts about your vehicle’s mechanical roadworthiness, it is better to have a professional do a thorough safety check.

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Pace Auto Services is a leading vehicle repair and servicing centre that is conveniently based in Marlboro, Sandton. Our professional team of technicians can assist with any make and model of vehicle. Drive in for a FREE safety inspection of your vehicle today.


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