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Major & Minor Car Service

Is your car due for a service soon? Do you know what the service will entail? If these are questions that you are asking yourself, Pace Auto Services can help you today. All our work is done with quality parts and comes with a guarantee of 6 months or 12,000KM. We can work on a wide range of cars, SUVs, bakkies. All work is done by highly qualified and experienced technicians.

Typically, it is recommended that you alternate your minor service and your major service, and that you service your car at regular intervals. These normally are between 15,000KM and 20,000KM. It is important to note that this will differ from one manufacturer to the next. Consult your vehicle’s service book will set out the recommended intervals for minor services and major services.

When it comes to booking your car in for either a major service or a minor service, it is important to know what each service will be covering. Below is a summary of what Pace Auto Services will do for you at your car’s next minor or major service.

Item  Minor Service  Major Service
Engine oil  Yes  Yes
Oil filter  Yes  Yes
Check lights, brakes, and wipers  Yes  Yes
Air filter  No  Yes
Spark plugs/glow plugs  No  Yes
Wiper coolant  No  Yes
Cambelt intervals  No  At 90,000 km

Quality Check

Ensuring the safety of your car is something that is of paramount importance to us at Pace Auto Services. After we have worked on your car, we conduct a safety check on the vehicle to ensure that the most important things are working as they should. In addition to the quality check that we do on your vehicle, our professional team of mechanics maintains the highest standards and levels of professionalism.

Furthermore, all the parts we source for use on your vehicle are the highest quality and are in line with the specifications of your specific vehicle manufacturer. If you have any further questions about our quality check, feel free to contact the team at Pace Auto Services using the contact details provided below.

Our quality check includes the following points:

  • Testing the car’s brakes to ensure that the car can be brought to a stop in the shortest distance required.
  • Testing the vehicle’s handbrake to make certain that your car can remain in position on severe inclines.
  • Ensuring that all the bolts on the tyres are properly fastened after any work has been done on them.
  • Checking any new parts that were fitted to ensure that they were correctly installed and are working as they should, and that the work has been done in line with manufacturer standards.

Contact Us

With us, you have peace of mind knowing that your car is in the best hands. If you require the best care for your car, consider a minor service or major service from Pace Auto Services. You can book your car’s service directly or you can contact us using the details below:

Vehicle Servicing Tips

No matter how careful we are with our cars, they still need to have regular services. The service intervals for most makes and models are every 15,000KM to 20,000KM. The better you look after your car between services, the less there is to be done next time around. There are several things you can do to ensure that there is not a lot of work that needs to be done on your car when next you have a minor or major service.

Have a Light Keychain

A rather surprising fact is that a heavy keychain can cause wear to the tumblers in the ignition, which will lead to the ignition system failing. Ensure that your keychain itself is as light as possible, and that your other keys are separate from your car keys. If you do have trouble in getting the key in the ignition, bring your car into a certified vehicle technician for a thorough inspection and feedback.

Keep a Fuel Log

Taking a few extra moments to record your car’s mileage can be crucial. The information that you collect can be of great value to both you and your technician. Several factors play a role in the fuel economy that you achieve. Keeping a fuel log helps you to detect possible issues before they become very costly.

Storing Your Car

If you do not use your car all that often, there are several things you can do to ensure that inactivity does not lead to problems. These include filling the tank to avoid condensation from building up, jacking the car up so that the weight is not on the tyres, and disconnecting the battery to stop it from draining. Also, park on a flat surface in first gear with the handbrake down to not place unnecessary tension on the cable.

Park in the Shade

The extreme heat that is experienced in almost all parts of South Africa in the summertime can surely cause damage to your car. Exposure to extreme heat can be especially bad for your car’s battery, as well as other components that operate with fluids, which can evaporate with heat.

Inspect Your Car Regularly

It is very important to regularly inspect your vehicle to see if there are any issues that you need to have seen to. This is even more important if you are planning to go on a long trip, where reliability and safety are of paramount importance. Other important inspections on your car include the oil level, state of your wiper blades, your spark plugs’ condition, and your tyres.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

It is important to keep both the inside and outside of your vehicle clean. Dirt and bacteria can easily accumulate and infiltrate critical systems of your vehicle such as the engine and aircon system, which results in these components not functioning as they are supposed to.

Do Not Overload the Vehicle

Constantly overloading your vehicle will place excess strain on your engine as more power than normal would be required to move your car and will also have a negative impact on your fuel economy. Also, having many or large items on the roof interferes with the car’s aerodynamics by creating unwanted drag that worsens the fuel economy that you are getting.

Contact Us

For all your vehicle’s minor and major servicing requirements, contact us today. Pace Auto Services is conveniently located in Marlboro, Sandton, and our professional and qualified technicians can assist with a wide range of services for your vehicle.


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