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Gearboxes and Differentials

Whether your car, bakkie, SUV, minibus, or luxury vehicle is a manual or an automatic, Pace Auto Services will assist in providing you with the best service and repairs at competitive rates for your car’s gearbox or differential. All work that we do comes with a guarantee of 6 months or 12,000 KM. Our technicians are both highly qualified and experienced and make use of top-quality parts on any work they do on your car’s gearbox or diff.

Gearbox Repair and Replacement

When you bring your car into our workshop in Marlboro, Sandton, we will conduct a thorough safety check before working on your car’s gearbox. Once we have either repaired or replaced the relevant parts, we will do another rigorous quality check to make sure that the parts are working at their best, and that your car is roadworthy and safe.

Differential Repair and Replacement

As with gearboxes, Pace Auto Services will be able to assist you with repairs or replacements to your car’s differential. We make use of top-quality parts and adhere to manufacturers’ best practices. Repairs or replacements to your car’s differential or gearbox also come with a guarantee of 6 months or 12,000KM. We conduct thorough safety and quality checks before and after we do any work on your car’s diffs and/or gearbox.

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Don’t delay. Contact Pace Auto Services today for a highly competitive quote on gearbox and differential repair or replacement. Click here to reserve a timeslot for your car in our workshop. Call or email us today to get a quote.

Gearbox and Differential Care Tips

Whether your vehicle has an automatic or manual gearbox, taking good care of it is important if you want to make sure that your car lasts for as long as you need it. Your differential is another overlooked component in your vehicle. Following these tips in caring for your car’s gearbox and differential will ensure many safe and happy journeys on the road.

Let the Engine Warm Up

Before driving, it is highly recommended to let your engine warm up for a few minutes. This is especially important in winter when the extreme cold temperatures can cause vital engine components to seize.

Check Your Transmission Fluid

Consult your vehicle’s manual for the location of the receptacle for the transmission fluid. With the engine idling, insert the dipstick for a few seconds. Remove it, clean it, and insert it into the receptacle again. If the colour of the fluid is bright red and clear, the transmission fluid is good. If the colour of the fluid is very dark or smells rotten, you need to get it replaced very soon. Although you can do this at home, it is better to have a professional auto workshop such as Pace Auto Services do it for you.

Use Your Manufacturer’s Transmission Fluid

When changing your vehicle’s transmission fluid, it is recommended to use the type of fluid that is recommended by your manufacturer. If you do not have the manufacturer’s handbook, get advice from a professional transmission servicing and repair company such as Pace Auto Services.

Selecting Automatic Gears

If you drive an automatic, you should always remember to select “park” when the vehicle is switched off and stationary as this will prevent it from rolling forwards and backwards. This should be done in conjunction with your handbrake. If you change these gears while the vehicle is moving, it can cause strain on your automatic transmission, which can lead to costly issues down the line.

Ensure Your Battery is Always in Good Condition

As you cannot push start an automatic vehicle, make sure that your vehicle’s battery is always in excellent condition. This could prevent you being stranded somewhere without being able to start your vehicle.

Use Matching Tyres

Driving with mismatched tyres for an extended period can affect your wheel alignment, as well as place strain on the differential. Always ensure that all of your tyres match and are in line with manufacturer recommendations.

Check the Differential

Five signs of a failing differential are tyre damage, difficult handling, vibrations, gears grinding, and a whining noise. If you suspect that either your front or rear diffs might be worn out, you should bring your car in for inspection by qualified auto technicians as a matter of urgency.

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We are here to help you in ensuring that your car is not only performing as it should, but that you and your passengers are always safe when on the roads. We can assist with a wide range of services related to your car’s gearbox and diff. Drive into our workshop in Marlboro today for an obligation-free safety check of your vehicle.


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