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General Repairs

Pace Auto Services has a dedicated team of qualified and professional technicians who can perform a variety of services relating to cars, bakkies, minibuses, SUVs, and other vehicles. We use top-quality parts in all the work that we do, and our work comes with a guarantee of 6 months or 12,000KM. Here is a list of some of the general repairs that we provide at our workshop in Marlboro, Sandton.  

Power Lock Repair

This simple, yet effective safety feature is something that you need to ensure is functioning as it should. If you need us to repair the power lock of your car, bakkie, minibus, SUV, or luxury vehicle, drive into Pace Auto Services in Marlboro, Sandton.

Car Seats, Seatbelts, Doors, and Side-view and Rear-view Mirrors

For issues relating to your car’s seats, seatbelts, door mirrors, and rear-view mirror, Pace Auto Services’ technicians will be able to assist you. Bring your car into our workshop for a competitive quote and repair.

Light and Bulb Replacement

Our team of technicians will replace any lights or lightbulbs in your vehicle to ensure that you have maximum visibility and safety.

Vehicle Door Latches/Locks

Should your vehicle’s door latch not be functioning as it should, contact Pace Auto Services today. We will repair or replace faulty door locks. Our team of highly qualified and professional technicians work on all makes and models of cars, bakkies, SUVs, minibuses, and luxury vehicles.

Windshield Wiper Blades

It is highly recommended that you check your car’s windshield wiper blades at least once a year, especially if you are planning to go on holiday or a long trip. If your car’s wiper blades are worn out, we will replace them with brand-new wipers. Our workshop stocks leading wiper blade brands.

Contact Us

For all your vehicle-related servicing and repair requirements, contact Pace Auto Services today. You can make use of our online booking platform, where our team will diagnose and provide feedback on any issues that we identify. Should you wish to obtain a quote for any work first, you can reach out to us via email or telephone. Our contact details are below.

General Car Care Tips

Your vehicle is made up of many components. Caring for all these parts will ensure that you not only extend the life of your vehicle, but that you and your passengers are always safe. Here are some general tips on how to care for your windscreen, mirrors, wiper blades, door locks, and lights.

Never Use Wipers on a Dry Windscreen

Your car’s wipers are intended to only be used on a wet windscreen. When used when the windscreen is dry, they will wear out much faster than their expected lifespan. If you want to use the wipers to clean your windscreen, make sure that you use the water button. Also, always ensure that your water is topped up with water and washer fluid.

Windscreen and Wiper Blades

Windscreen wipers work best when the windscreen surface is smooth and free of oily substances. Operating them on a dirty windscreen or when there are rough surfaces will wear them out. It is very important to regularly check your wiper blades for wear. Common signs that your wipers are wearing out include smearing or squeaking when wiping across the windscreen. Check your wiper blades before taking a long road trip or at the start of the rainy season. Consider replacing your wiper blades at least once a year.

Cleaning Your Car’s Mirrors

It is very important to have maximum visibility from your door mirrors and rear-view mirror. Make sure that when you do clean these glass surfaces, you make use of a clean lint-free cloth. A rough cloth surface can scratch your mirrors, meaning that they would need to be replaced sooner. When cleaning your mirrors, make sure that your vehicle is out of the sun and that you are not using very hot water.

Check Your Lights

Your car’s lights are very important safety features. Be sure to check these on a regular basis and replace any broken headlamp and taillight lenses or fused globes. With your vehicle’s headlights, make sure that you check the beam strength. If your headlights are not giving you the visibility in low-light conditions that they used to, contact a reputable vehicle servicing workshop such as Pace Auto Services for assistance in replacing them.

Lubricate Your Door Locks

As with many other mechanical components on your car, door locks work much better when they are lubricated. Depending on your vehicle’s make and model, as well as its age, you might have to lubricate the locks more regularly. For added benefit, regularly clean your locks. If you do, use water or a mild soap or detergent.

Care for Your Keys

If your keys are damaged, this will affect your locks. Locks are designed to be used by keys that are in good shape. Always ensure that you have a spare key in good condition for those times when your main key is damaged.

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We can assist with a wide range of services relating to your vehicle. Drive into our workshop in Marlboro for an obligation-free safety check.

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