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Pace Auto Services is a trusted name if you are looking for quality services relating to your car’s radiator at affordable prices. As with all the other services that we offer, our work on your car’s radiator is done with top-quality parts, along with a guarantee on our work of 6 months or 12,000KM. We have you covered with radiator repairs, engine coolant flushes, and more.

Radiator Repair and Replacement

Drive into Pace Auto Services, where our professional team of technicians will do a thorough inspection of your car’s radiator to determine if it can be repaired or if a replacement is needed. We will provide you with honest feedback.

Water Pump

We will examine your car’s water pump to determine any issues such as coolant leaks, corrosion, or a seized water pump or thermostat. Once we have diagnosed the issue, we will provide you with a highly competitive quote.

Engine Coolant Flush

Pace Auto Services’ technicians will look at your engine coolant to see if there are any contaminates that are adversely affecting your radiator, which will then be flushed and replaced with new radiator fluid, as well as closely examining the radiator and hoses to see if there is any corrosion or damage that needs to be addressed.

Cooling System Service and Repair

If we detect that there is an issue with overheating, we will use our diagnostic equipment to detect and repair any issues with your car’s cooling system.

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Whether you need a radiator service or repair on a car, SUV, bakkie, or minibus, Pace Auto Services is here to help you. Book a timeslot online with our booking system or give us a call or send an email and we will assist.

Radiator Tips

Your car’s radiator plays a crucial role in keeping the engine cool. If your radiator is not working as it should, your engine will overheat. This can be avoided by following these simple tips. If you require quality repairs or servicing on your radiator, Pace Auto Services can help. Our team of qualified technicians are proficient on all vehicle makes and models.

Use the Correct Coolant

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the coolant that you will use might vary. It is recommended that you consult your vehicle’s guidebook as to the type of coolant that you should be using.

Never Overload Your Vehicle

The heavier the load in your vehicle, the more your radiator must work to keep the car cool. A vehicle that is overloaded also places strain on your engine, resulting in poor fuel economy. Always ensure that you are carrying exactly the amount of cargo you need to, not more.

Check Your Radiator and Belts

Rather than wait for your radiator or belts to fail, you should check these parts on a regular basis for any signs of wear and tear. When inspecting your belts, look for leaks or cracks, and have them attended to as soon as possible to prevent massive expenses later. Also, check if your coolant is at the correct level every time you fill up with fuel. Do not rely on the petrol attendant to do this.

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Do not let something as simple as repairing or maintaining your radiator or belts turn into a much bigger issue down the line. If you see any signs of damage on these components, bring your vehicle into Pace Auto Services’ workshop for our qualified and professional technicians to assist.

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