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Air Conditioning

If your car’s aircon is no longer keeping you and your passengers as cool as it should, Pace Auto Services has a team of professional mechanics that will assist in servicing, repairing, and re-gassing your car’s aircon to ensure many more cool kilometres on the road. We service all makes of bakkie, car, minibus, and SUV aircons.

Aircon Service and Repair

Checking out your car’s aircon and replacing the pollen filter at least once a year is highly recommended. The Pace Auto Services team of technicians will give your car’s aircon a thorough inspection and advise on the best solution at the lowest price.

Car Heater Repair

In addition to servicing your car’s aircon, we are also able to repair your car’s heater. Our technicians will use the highest-quality parts when we fix your car’s heater. Contact us today for a quote or click here to book your car in at our workshop.

Aircon Compressor Repair and Replacement

Your car’s aircon compressor is an important component in controlling the heating and cooling system. The Pace Auto Services technicians will assist you by repairing or replacing your car’s aircon compressor.

Aircon Re-Gas

If you need your car’s aircon to be re-gassed, this is a service that we offer. We will pressurise your system to determine if there is a leak. If we do detect a leak in the car’s aircon system, we will quote you separately for the aircon re-gas.

Contact Us

For expert assistance with all matters relating to your car’s aircon system, please contact Pace Auto Services today. Not only do we offer you unbeatable low rates on all our work, but our guarantee of 6 months or 12,000KM means that you have absolute peace of mind in knowing your car is in the best hands.

Car Aircon Tips

South African summers regularly see temperatures of above 30 degrees, while winters see the temperature plummet to single figures. Your car’s aircon plays a very important role in keeping the cabin temperature at a comfortable level for you and your passengers. If you do not maintain your car’s aircon, it can let you down when you need it most. Here are some tips to ensure that does not happen.

Change the Filter Regularly

The more you drive, the more your car’s aircon will collect dirt. As the dirt builds up in the filter, it prevents proper airflow. At Pace Auto Services, we change your car’s air filter with every major service. Although this is something that you can change yourself, it is more advisable to have a professional technician do it.

Keep Your Car Clean

Similarly, you should keep the interior of your car clean. Dirt and bacteria accumulate inside the cabin, impacting the ability of your car’s aircon to properly function.

Start Your Aircon when Driving

Many people start their car’s aircon before the engine is running. Did you know that it is more fuel efficient to start your car’s aircon after starting your car? This is because the compressor will run faster, meaning that the car’s aircon will get up to temperature faster and more economically.

Park in Shaded Areas

Wherever possible, park your car in shade to keep the cabin from getting too hot inside. When your car is parked at home, you can also leave your windows slightly down to promote natural airflow inside the cabin.

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Pace Auto Services is here to help you. If you are experiencing issues with your car’s aircon, contact our professional technicians today or simply drive into our workshop in Marlboro, Sandton.


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