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At Pace Auto Services, we understand the vital importance of your car, SUV, bakkie, or minibus having belts in good condition. The same thing can be said for your vehicle’s hoses. If you need quality replacement on your vehicle’s belts or hoses, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. Our work comes with a guarantee of 12 months or 24,000KM. We also make use of top-quality parts that are in line with manufacturers’ guidelines.

Belt Replacement

The Pace Auto Services team of mechanics have experience working on many different types of cars, bakkies, SUVs, and other vehicles. We do checks and replacements on your cambelts and V-belts. If you are concerned that either one of these parts are in danger of failing, do not wait until it causes a more severe and costly engine damage.


Although the cambelt is something we would normally look at replacing at your car’s 90,000KM major service, we understand that certain manufacturers might recommend this being done at different intervals. Otherwise, there are instances when these parts fail on their own. Either way, Pace Auto Services’ technicians will assist you with checking and replacing your cambelt. Simply contact us for honest feedback and competitive pricing.

V-Belt Check

If you suspect that your car’s V-belt might be taking strain or has got significant damage, contact Pace Auto Services today. We can assist by checking and replacing the V-belt on a wide range of vehicles such as hatchbacks and sedans, as well as bakkies, SUVs, minibuses, and other vehicle types.

Hose Replacement

Don’t wait for your engine to overheat completely before changing your hoses. Book a session with Pace Auto Services today and our professional team will have your car’s hoses replaced with brand-new quality hoses.


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