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How to Care for Your Car’s Battery

Taking proper care of your car’s battery will save you time and money. Just imagine you are ready to drive home on a Friday afternoon only to find your car won’t start because the battery is flat. Your whole weekend is ruined. Here are some tips to ensure optimal battery life for your car.

Keep your Car’s Battery at the Right Temperature

It is a myth that only severe cold weather can shorten your car’s battery. Equally, severe heat is also bad for your car’s battery.

In just about all parts of South Africa, we have extreme temperatures. It is imperative to keep your car parked under shelter if possible. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat or cold can eventually cause critical damage to your car’s battery.

Take your Car for a Long Drive

It takes time for your car’s battery to charge. If your car is not used very often, its battery slowly runs down. Short trips to the shops and back do not afford you enough time to properly charge your battery. Try and take a drive that lasts at least 15 minutes, preferably with very few stops and starts.

Regularly Change your Battery

As batteries age, their storage capacity and overall effectiveness tend to diminish. A car’s battery can last on average from two to four years, depending on the make and model, and how you care for it. Bring your car to Pace Auto Services for a FREE battery test.

Get Professional Assistance

Get your car’s battery checked by a professional technician before it fails and lets you down. At Pace Auto Services, our dedicated team is ready to assist you in ensuring that your car’s battery is always in the best condition so that you can enjoy many happy kilometres of driving your vehicle. Our contact details are:


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